Audio & Image Upload Instructions

1. Choose size and color record you'd like.
2. Customize with center labels and/or cover.
3. Upload Audio & Image files.

Most Audio and Image files accepted.

If you do not already have the song files we recommend purchasing them on Amazon usually for $1 per song.

For a "mixtape record" upload a playlist or email us and we can usually download the songs here.

Please either re-name the files to help us determine the sequence  or provide us with the tracklist at checkout.
For example -
SIDE A song 1,2,3 etc.  
SIDE B song 1,2,3 etc.
Label Side A, Label Side B,
Cover Front, Cover Back etc.

Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. When the order is done and in the mail, we will send you a tracking number. 

If you need a rush job - We can usually accommodate you for a fee. If you need it rushed PLEASE email and ask before you order to see if we can do.

Colored Vinyl -
Upload examples of the color(s) you'd like.
A picture of another Colored Vinyl record you'd like to get the look of is helpful too.

Picture Discs -
Upload 2 images for front and back.

Custom Center Labels - 
Upload 2 images for A & B side - Square is fine we can re-size them and crop to a circle here. 
Mind where the center hole is going to go!

Custom Covers - 
Upload 2 Images for Front and Back